• SIlca/Ilco W101 2.5mm Carbide Cutter for Triax, Tricode, QuattroCode

    Price: $78.92 $78.30

    OE #: BC0432XXXX

    SKU: ILCO-D709238ZB

    • Silca Ilco W101 Carbide Cutter for Triax, TriCode, QuatrroCode 

    • 2.5mm 

    • Silca Original BC0432XXXX

  • Keyline Ninja Total Cutter Belt

    Price: $48.94 $47.25

    OE #: RIC09953B

    SKU: KL-RIC09953B

    Keyline Ninja Total Cutter Belt

  • Keyline Ninja Laser

    Price: $9,448.65


    Ninja Laser combines the mechanical and electronic precision to guarantee unique key cutting performances and quality through two different technologies: a double speed prismatic cutter and an end milling cutter to cut with maximum efficiency door and automotive edge cut keys, laser keys and Tibbe keys by code, decode or depths. Ninja Laser is designed to better meet the requirements of the professional thanks to the mixture of these two technologies, which allows the combination of maximum cutting precision together with exceptional performance, at the same time guaranteeing extended use of the parts of the key cutting machine. Keyline S.p.A. is the exclusive owner of the Patent for Utility Model awarded to Ninja Laser in Italy (n. ZL2015200493) and China (n. 0000280987). The Utility Model protects the innovative double cutting station that characterizes Ninja Laser and that makes it a high performance and versatile machine. One of the highlights of the Ninja Laser is the AC jaw that combines in one unique solution, one clamping system to cut the majority of laser keys in the market. This innovation expands the wide range of jaws – from the four sided functional one for door and automotive edge cut keys to the 6-cut Tibbe systems (with optional jaw) – and makes Ninja Laser the standard key cutting machine to duplicate every model of automotive keys, as well as edge cut door keys, present in the market. The modern and functional design guarantees maximum ergonomics to assure the use of Ninja Laser in all work places. The Liger software developed by Keyline stands out for its capacity to process every cutting system and easily receive software updates. Complex operations are made extremely simple and intuitive thanks to the modern color interface, which is simple and easy to learn. Ninja Laser is standard equipped with a USB port, LAN ports and serial ports.

  • Xhorse Condor XC-002 Mechanical Key-Cutting Machine

    Price: $1,417.50

    OE #: XC-002


    Aluminum Die-casting chassis, Precision Machining. Renishaw line detection system, Column Cross guide rail. 3 year warranty. Lifelong technical support. Ergonomic Design: CONDOR Mechanical Key Cutting Machine is designed with special attention to Ergonomics. After careful research into general user habits, CONDOR achieves the best user-friendly condition by optimizing and improving all considerable aspects, such as machine materials, length radian, grip, strength of control, feedback level, and operational fluency. Its excellent performance makes the CONDOR machine indispensable for our fellow locksmith. Manufacture Craftsmanship: CONDOR Mechanical Cutting Machine is built with aluminum using casting technology, which makes the machine more reliable and stable. Major mechanical parts are manufactured by German-made DMG CNC machine to ensure the precision of machine structure and guarantee the accuracy of key cutting. Power/Motor Specification: CONDOR Mechanical Key Cutting Machine adopts the 200W super power motor with the maximum speed 10000rpm to ensure the adequate cutting power; Allows manually select different speeds according to different key blanks of different materials to guarantee the key cutting efficiency and accuracy. Customer Service & Technical Support: Xhorse technical support team provides professional and efficient online technical support for free. One-year warranty and lifelong after-sale customer service are including to guarantee the carefree machine operation for customers. Customer feedback and suggestions are always appreciated. Superior Machine Components: CONDOR Mechanical Cutting Machine is composed by high level mechanical components, ensuring the high reliability if all indicators to guarantee the key cutting fluency and accuracy. Korean-made retainer cage maintains high stability; high quality across rail tracks allow smooth and precise manipulation; British Renishaw online testing system spots flawless key cutting location; key cutter made by Japanese-made materials and covered with specialized coating contributes to the perfect cutting for a long term. Clamp: CONDOR Mechanical Key Cutting Machine has a self-developed four-in-one clamp with the unique four-sided rotation design. Users can select different sides to work accordingly to different key blanks, which solves the problems of changing multiple single-side clamps and lacking storage and organization room. Humanized Function: CONDOR Mechanical Key Cutting Machine has a built-in height level adjustable indicator light in order to easily solve the leveling adjustment probe and cutter; the function of spindle height fixation and the design of cutting table immobilization assist users to achieved precise cutting; manually adjustable motor speed better matched each different key blanks of different materials; double-end probe supports track, dimple and other customized key cutting. Input voltage: 220VAC Input frequency: 50Hz Consume: 200W Package Dimensions: L595xW550xH375mm Machine Dimensions: L298xW445xH525mm Spindle Speeds: 8000-10000rpm Noise Decibel:77dB Working Temperature: 0-50℃ Humidity: 10-90% Net Weight: 23Kg Gross Weight: 28Kg

  • The Punch Machine

    Price: $2,533.95 $2,214.00

    SKU: HPC-1200PCH

    The Punch Machine™ is based on HPC's "Standard of the Industry" Original Blitz™ code machine making it the most versatile punch machine on the market! Its innovative design is so revolutionary that it was awarded a U.S. Patent. It is completely portable and punches accurate keys by code quickly and effortlessly. It is extremely easy to change from one manufacturer to another because depth and space adjustments are not required. 

    The code cards have depth and space indicators, plus all the pertinent information such as punch, jaw, code series, blanks and any special information you need. Quite often, just replacing a code card is all that is required to change from one manufacturer to another.

  • JMA Nomad Portable Key Duplicator

    Price: $675.00 $661.50


  • AutoProPad Replacement Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep 2018+ Bypass Cable

    Price: $106.65



    The Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep 2018+ bypass cable by XTool is designed to interface almost all automotive transponder programmers that have the capability of programming 2018+ Chrysler vehicles. It functions by intercepting your programmer’s CAN high and low signals and passing them though the attached probes and 12+8 connectors. Depending on your plan of attack, you can tap the CAN wires directly in the STAR module, in the vehicle instrument cluster or at the wires which transport the information between the STAR module and the immobilizer. The OBD throughput will feed 12V back to your programmer to keep it charged if that feature is supported by your machine. Alternatively, the same outcome can be achieved by directly plugging the 12+8 connectors into the security gateway module of the vehicle. How to use (probes): Plug the main cable of your programmer of choice into the female OBD port of the adapter. Locate the star module on the vehicle. Location varies from model to model. Locate the plastic green strip with multiple white clips plugged into it. Locate the release lever of any one of the white clips. Probe your red (CAN HI) into the terminal directly below the release lever and the black (CAN LO) into the terminal below the previous terminal. Use your programmer of choice to select by vehicle or system type and program like normal. How to use (12+8 connector): Plug the main cable of your programmer of choice into the female OBD port of the adapter. Locate the security gateway module on the vehicle. Location varies from model to model. Locate and unplug the connectors currently plugged into the module. Plug in the 12+8 connectors directly into the module. Use your programmer of choice to select by vehicle or system type and program like normal. Note: The male OBD of the adapter is optional. Its only purpose is to pull power. If your machine is battery operated, the male OBD is unnecessary.

  • XHorse BMW CAS & CAS4+ Bench Test Platform

    Price: $101.25


    With this test platform, the BMW CAS4 CAS4 + key can be programmed on the workbench by OBD without opening the machine cover, thus avoiding car power loss and data loss caused by long time unlocking of the CAS4 / CAS4 + on the car. Off-site key programming. It can also test whether CAS or key is working properly, which is the preferred platform for locksmith and automotive electronics. This test platform uses the original PCB connector for a more secure connection.

  • Keyline Ninja Laser Belt

    Price: $54.00

    SKU: DS-KL-RIC10005B

    Keyline Ninja Laser Belt (RIC10005B)


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