• Starter Killer Kit

    Price: $67.43

    OE #: AKK-55

    SKU: HPC-AKK-55

    The Starter Killer Kit (AKK-55) is ideal for beginners or locksmiths needing a small kit for a second service vehicle. The AKK-55 includes the Super Jim™ (CO-11), Stretch Killer™ (CO-61), Short Double "L" (CO-72), Lasso™ (CO-73 and two 3/8" Ultimate Auto Wedges (AW-38), all in a clear-view plastic case. This variety of tools will help you open many cars using the Lasso and Under & Over styles as well as attacking vertical and horizontal rods, lazy pawls, bell cranks and GM Latch.


  • Gold Finger Tool

    Price: $26.93

    OE #: CO-90

    SKU: HPC-CO-90

    This 5-foot long bendable car opening tool has two special working ends. The hook end is designed to mimic your finger action pulling levers and flipping rockers. The opposing end is perfect for grabbing switches that must be pushed. The bright yellow ends make them easy to see in dark interiors and the super strong steel body will outlast similar tools.


  • 5-Pc Warded Padlock Pick Set

    Price: $5.40

    OE #: MK210

    SKU: LL-MK210

    This compact pick set efficiently opens warded padlocks. This set of 5 picks is held together by a key ring and can be attached to your belt loop. The Warded Padlock Pick Set helps to avoid costly destruction of padlocks.